Walnut meat (chicken and turkey)

Walnut meat (chicken and turkey)

Walnut meat (chicken and turkey)

It is a simple recipe for homemade meat for sandwiches. It can be prepared from a single piece of meat, and of the different pieces, which are then pressed during cooking. Can be used as a pork neck and chicken and turkey, in any combination it turns out very tasty.


meat (I had turkey fillet and red and white and chicken) – 800 g
spices (dried herbs, pepper, granulated garlic, different mixes for meat) – 4 tbsp
salt – 2 tsp
elastic tubular bandage pharmacy number 3 – 1 pcs.


Meat is better to pre-marinate in the cold during the day. Rub with salt, pepper, garlic. After marinating the meat with a paper towel to wipe and coat with spices according to your taste.

Next, open and stretch the elastic tubular bandage, washed, neatly tying one end, you get a mini-string bag for packing meat. In this grid, you can put whatever you want. You can put the pieces. But certainly not small, but about a matchbox. Cut into any meat (chicken, turkey, a mixture of different meats, lean chicken + bacon fat …), salt and spices added, given the present and rammed into the grid as tightly as possible. Nor can the inside and put the pieces of vegetables (e.g., whole small mushrooms)

Carefully pack the meat in a bandage. To tie one side and his hands pressed meat as much as possible, tighten the bandage. When cooking meat is still further compressed by the action of the bandage. So it will be a very tight, and then you can cut meat “nut” is very, very thinly.

Prepared meat laid in sleeve for baking. Then another one for the insurance, so that the water in any case does not enter the package. Put the meat in Slow cooker. Fill with boiling water so that the meat is completely covered with water. Put mode “quenching”. Time about 1.30-2 hours, depending on the type of meat piece. If your   Slow cooker maximum time is significantly less than that, just after the end of the regime put him again to put out again.

The finished meat is taken out of   Slow cooker and not turning, cooled, then send it in the refrigerator for at least 8 hours. A better at night. Right in the packages.

The next day (or 8 hours) to get it, to unfold. If suddenly you have a package for roasting still missed the water – put at this stage of the meat on a cutting board and allow it to dry for 20 minutes.

Cut. The meat is dense and at the same time very tender.

*If you have not yet become the happy owner of Slow cooker, you can cook this in a saucepan and walnut. Only after boiling, cover pan with a lid and put in the smallest burner on the most basic fire. The water should not boil, the meat should just languish in boiling water. And in case of cooking in the pan, increase the time to 2.5 hours. And do not let boil!

Bon Appetit!

Walnut meat (chicken and turkey)

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