Vegetables at a tender omelet

Vegetables at a tender omelet

Cauliflower – 200g.
Green peas – 60 g.
Tomatoes – 2 pcs.
Milk – 30 ml.
Eggs – 3 pcs.
Salt and spices.


1.Kapustu parse it into florets and boil with the peas until tender.

2. If canned peas, then just mix with boiled cabbage.

3.Pomidory cut into cubes, mix with cabbage.

4.Yaytsa whisk the milk, salt and spices until smooth.

5.Smeshat with vegetables and pour into a greased form.

6.Gotovit omelet over a low heat, covered with a lid for about 15 – 20 minutes.

Bon Appetit!

Vegetables at a tender omelet

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