Soft oatmeal cookies with chocolate

Soft oatmeal cookies with chocolate

Soft oatmeal cookies with chocolate

In this recipe it turns out tasty, very satisfying and warming biscuits, chocolate aroma fills the house. It is better to cook the dough today, and bake the next day.


1.5 cups flour
1.5 cups oat flakes Fast food
2 eggs
1.5 cups brown sugar
50 g butter
180 g of dark (60-70% cocoa) chocolate
half vanilla pod
1 tsp cinnamon or grated orange peel
1 tsp baking powder
butter for greasing


Soften butter and rub with the sugar, add the eggs and beat with a mixer carefully.

Cut the vanilla pod in half lengthwise and seeds scraped with a sharp knife in the resulting mass, whisk again.

Grate the chocolate on a coarse grater. Sift flour with baking powder and cinnamon (if using zest, add it with butter and sugar).

In the sugar-oil mixture, sift the flour and mix well. Then gradually add the oatmeal, as thoroughly stirring.

Add chocolate chips and mix the dough, but do not wrinkle much to the chocolate has melted. If you did everything right, the finished cookies are small pieces of chocolate.

Dense, slightly crumbly dough should easily roll into balls. If it sticks to your hands, add a little flour. Cover the dough with foil and store in the cold for 4-6 hours(preferably overnight).

Grease a large baking sheet with oil or its Cover the oiled parchment.

Divide the dough into balls with a diameter of 2-3 cm. Put them on a baking sheet at a distance of 4 cm from each other and slightly priplyusnite.

Bake in a preheated 180 ° C oven on the middle shelf until then, until you see the fragrance of vanilla and chocolate, and just the edges begin reddening, 10-12 minutes.

If the small balls, they will be ready soon. If large – need to lower the temperature as soon as you feel the aroma of vanilla and chocolate.

Remove the cookies from the oven when it is (if to press lightly with your finger on it) is still soft. Cool on the baking sheet.

While the cookies to cool down it can not be removed – it will break.

Bon Appetit!

Soft oatmeal cookies with chocolate

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