Salad vegetable noodles


Salad vegetable noodles


a handful of sprouted chickpeas
small red Chile pepper – 1 PC.
sea salt medium grind
large carrot – 1 PC.
large cucumber – 1 PC.
juice of 1 large lime
unrefined peanut oil – 3 tbsp
small bunch of cilantro
the average daikon root – 1 PC.
small young zucchini – 1 PC.
raw sesame seeds – 2-3 tbsp
dark sesame oil – 1 tbsp 1


Chop carrots, daikon radish, zucchini and cucumber with a knife for cleaning of vegetables very thin, wide “noodles.” Pour the lime juice, season with salt and leave for 5-10 min.

Pour the sesame seeds in a dry frying pan, roast on medium heat, stirring occasionally, until Golden brown, about 2 min. to Cool.

Remove the hot pepper seeds, cut the flesh into very thin rings. The cilantro, remove the stems, the leaves to analyze separately.

Mix the “noodles” from vegetables with chickpeas, peppers and cilantro. To fill the peanut and sesame oil, arrange on plates, sprinkle with roasted sesame seeds and serve.

Bon Appetit!

Salad vegetable noodles

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