Russian summer salad style Caesar

Russian summer salad style Caesar

In our time, variations on the theme of Caesar are numerous and varied. In the recipes of this salad meet and meat, fish, and seafood – bacon, ham, turkey, tongue, herring, shrimp, crab claws.

Russian summer salad style Caesar


a small pickled cucumber – 2 PCs.
boiled egg – 3 PCs.
salt – to taste
radishes of medium size of 12-15 pieces.
cucumber medium size – 4 PCs
white bread – 2 pieces
parsley (leaves) – 1 handful
vegetable oil
lemon juice – 2 tbsp
onion white large – 1 PCs.
capers – 1 tsp.
mayonnaise – 100 g
olive oil – 1 tbsp


Clean the onion, cut into very thin feathers, place them in a bowl, pour cold water, add lemon juice, stir and leave for 30 minutes.

Slices of bread lubricate on both sides with oil and fry in a pan until Golden brown, then place on the grill, allow to cool to room temperature, cut into cubes.

The diagonally cut cucumbers into very thin slices. Radishes cut into halves and then each half into three parts. Pickles chop. Eggs peel and cut into small pieces.

Bow drain in a colander, give dry off slightly and transfer to a large bowl. Add cucumbers, radishes, eggs and pickles.

Coarsely chop the capers and mix quickly with the remaining ingredients.

Pour the seasoning in the salad, quick and mix vigorously. Season with salt to taste. Arrange the salad on plates, sprinkle with parsley leaves and slices of toasted bread.

Bon Appetit!

Russian summer salad style Caesar

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