Roll “Philadelphia”

Roll Philadelphia

Roll “Philadelphia”


– Round grain rice – 200 g
– Rice vinegar 20 ml
– Algae Nori (large sheets) 1 pc.
– Soft cream cheese (Philadelphia) 150 g
– Salmon 150g


Rice rinse well, put in a saucepan, pour water at the rate of 1: 1.2. Bring to a boil, reduce heat and cook rice for about 15 minutes without removing the lid. Once let the rice stand for 10 minutes, to shift and season rice vinegar

Makis Wrap with cling film, on top of half a sheet of nori. Spread the rice, water dampening palm. Leave a small lane on the near edge of the nori to you and take a shift of the far. Need not compress Fig.

Align the top to the bottom, gently tighten stuffing rug “on the” glue roll. Evenly press your fingers on the pad and make a couple of movements along it, to give the roll a square shape.

Fresh salmon or trout sushi slice of the same length and thickness. Place them on a roll close to each other.
Again, cover the carpet roll and push the fish.

Transfer the roll to a cutting board and a sharp knife dipped in water, cut it popolam.Zatem each half – for three or four pieces.

Bon Appetit!

Roll Philadelphia1

Roll Philadelphia2

Roll Philadelphia3

Roll Philadelphia4

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