Recipes snacks lavash

Recipes snacks lavash3

Recipes snacks lavash

2 different versions


pita bread — 3 PCs
ham — 200 g,
cheese — 200 grams
egg — 2 PCs,
crab sticks-100 g
lettuce, herbs to taste,
salad onions — 0,5 head
garlic — 2 — 3 cloves


From mayonnaise, garlic and herbs to cook the sauce — the shaving brush.

If the company is not big ( we were four), then for each option on one sheet of lavash is enough.

First appetizer recipe of pita bread ham and cheese:
the sheet is divided into three parts ( the width of the pita bread will be the length of our roll ).

1 layer — pita grease sauce, put lettuce ,
2 layer — pita smeared with sauce, top with thinly sliced ham.
3 layer — pita bread lubricate the sauce and top with cheese.

Roll as tightly roll the long side of the sheet. Wrap with cling film and store in the fridge.

Second choice : crab sticks and eggs.

Eggs boil and grate on a coarse grater. Then everything is the same as in the first embodiment, only instead of cheese, eggs, and ham instead of crab sticks.

Bon Appetit!

Recipes snacks lavash

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