Recipe salad with salt pink salmon

salad with salt pink salmon

Recipe salad with salt pink salmon


Pink salmon – 150 g of salt

Tomato – 3 pieces.

Eggs – 3 pcs.

Salad – 8 sprig (s)

Feta – 130 g

Olives – to taste

Olive oil – 2 tbsp

Grain Mustard – 2 tsp

Dill – to taste

Lemon juice – to taste


Wash under running cold water lettuce (choose those varieties that you like, but I would have avoided the lettuce varieties with a pronounced bitterness).

Well shake the leaves, and tear their hands on arbitrary pieces. Prepared salad should be put on the bottom of salad bowls.

We shall cut tomatoes.

Fet need to get out of the brine and cut into medium-sized cubes. Olives can be used whole, but you can cut in half

Prepare dressing.

This time, I made the classic dressing: mix into a bowl of olive oil (can be replaced by any vegetable), grainy mustard, chopped dill, a little fresh lemon juice.

Season the resulting dressing according to your taste, I added a little salt and freshly ground pepper. I especially want to note that the salt must be very careful. Do not forget that we use already salted fish and salted kind of cheese.

It is time to prepare the fish: pink salmon cut into pieces for the salad.

I think you noticed that almost all the ingredients I cut quite large.

We begin to collect salad. On lettuce leaves spread chopped tomatoes and boiled eggs. Gently pour the dressing.

Now randomly spread slices of cheese and olives, which are also a little oil the salad dressing.

And finally, the crowning salad salty pink salmon.

Bon Appetit!

Recipe salad with salt pink salmon

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