Recipe chicken wings ala KFC

Recipe chicken wings ala KFC


● chicken wings
● vegetable oil
● paprika
● garlic
● salt
● cornflakes


Take a dozen wings, inspect for the presence of feathers, well, in a saucepan. A little salt and water on the fire. Brought to a boil, remove the foam and removed quickly from the fire.

Let cool in the broth. Tell you a secret, the most delicious chicken done so. Boil and away cool. Try it, you will not regret. Well, if you really afraid, then let simmer for not more than 5 minutes. We get wings, collapsing them in flour, dip in lezone.

Want sharp – add lezone paprika and chili peppers. Want bright taste – to squeeze out the garlic. Well, if the kids will burst, just let the salt thereof can chip in breadcrumbs.

We skip the nearest market and buy a banal cornflakes without any additives. They are large, but it does not matter, just shred their hands. Paniruem after lezone. And now 10 minutes and let rest, and then turn and again not to worry.

The egg dries quickly and within 20 minutes breading “soldered” in the wings. Graeme cauldron of oil to 180C. Dip the wand into the oil. From it went bubbles? Then the oil is ready. Fry need quickly. 30-60 seconds.

Bon Appetit!

Recipe chicken wings ala KFC

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