Pumpkin salad with chocolate

Pumpkin salad with chocolate

Pumpkin salad with chocolate


Pumpkin – 250 g

Orange – 1 piece.

Raisins – to taste

Chocolate (for the sauce) – 90 g

Sugar (for the sauce) – 3 tbsp

Butter (for the sauce) – 15 g

Milk cream (for the sauce) – 3 tbsp

Water (for the sauce) – 40 ml

Vanilla (extract, sauce) – 1/2 tsp


Pumpkin clean, wash and bake in the oven at 180-200 ° C until soft.

Raisins pour boiling water and leave for a few minutes. Water drained raisins spread out on a paper towel and pat dry.

Roast the pumpkin well cool and cut into cubes.

Orange cleaned, divided into slices. Slices clear from the film and cut in half.

To prepare the sauce in a small saucepan put sugar, add water and heat over low heat until sugar is dissolved. Then add broken into pieces of chocolate and butter. Good stirring until smooth.

The weight of the chocolate cream and add vanilla extract. If you are not very sweet pumpkin or oranges, the amount of sugar in the preparation of the sauce can be increased!

On a plate put the pieces of pumpkin and orange.

Top with raisins (you can add dried apricots or prunes), pour chocolate sauce and serve immediately.

Bon Appetit!

Pumpkin salad with chocolate


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