Pumpkin-lime marmalade

Marmalade with pumpkin and lime

Pumpkin-lime marmalade

If you like the original jams, we recommend that you take advantage of this autumn recipe. Marmalade pumpkin gives a very unusual and delicious.

Lime perfectly complements the pumpkin, making this duo unique and appetizing. You can prepare this jam with orange and lemon, add a little ginger, mint or basil. Pumpkin perfectly to beat any spice, it absorbs all its flavors.

Pumpkin jam can be fed to herbal tea or strong coffee, hot pancakes and desserts. You can prepare for the future and is jam all winter pamper their loved ones and friends of tasty and healthy dessert.

Pumpkin 500 g
Sugar 500 g
Water 1/2 cups
Lime 1 pieces.

Cooking method:

Rinse under running water, pumpkin and clean it from the seeds and skins. Cut into small cubes.

Crush the lime with the peel.

In a saucepan pour the sugar, add water and put on fire.

When the syrup boils, enter into a mixture of pumpkin. Cook for 10 minutes.
Add the weight of sweet lime, mix well and leave to cook jam on low heat 40-50 minutes.

Pour pumpkin jam on the sterilized containers, cover, turn and cover with a blanket. Leave until cool. Keep the pumpkin and lime marmalade in a dark place.

Bon Appetit!

pumpkin and lime

Marmalade with pumpkin and lime

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