Puff salad with prunes

Puff salad

Puff salad with prunes


Boiled chicken breast – about 300 grams

Raw carrots – 2 pcs.

Garlic crushed

Hard cheese – 150 grams

Pickles – 2 pcs.

Onion – 4 pcs.

Boiled Eggs – 2-3 pieces.

Vegetable oil


Prunes – 200 grams


Salad laid layers:

the first layer of boiled chicken breast or pork – small cubes of about 300 grams, fluff with mayonnaise;

a second layer of raw carrots rubbed on a coarse grater, add the crushed garlic and fry in vegetable oil;

a third layer of sun-dried prunes to steam, then cut into small pieces, fluff with mayonnaise;

fourth layer grate hard cheese, a little mayonnaise fluff;

fifth layer grate pickles;

sixth layer of fried onions,

seventh layer grate 2-3 eggs, fluff with mayonnaise.

You can decorate on your own, such as green onions.

Bon Appetit!

Puff salad with prunessalad with prunes

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