Potato “curls”

Potato “curls”

potato with cheese recipe

Delicate combination of mashed potatoes, cheese and spices will amaze your guests with the first piece and the outer unusual and at the same time a beautiful view of this dish will delight all!


Potatoes – 500g
Butter – 50 grams
Egg – 1 piece
Salt – to taste
Cheese – 50 g
Muscat nut powder – to taste
Ground black pepper – to taste


Boil the potatoes. Prepare the mashed potatoes out of it.

Cheese grate.

In the bowl of mashed potatoes add shredded cheese, salt to taste, black pepper and ground nutmeg. Then, trying to drive in the same capacity of 1 chicken egg without the shell. Mix all the ingredients are in the bowl until smooth.

As a result, should get plenty of potato medium density. Let cool to room temperature. During this time, we Preheat the oven to 190 degrees Celsius and blanketed nonstick baking sheet baking paper.

The cooled shift the potato mixture in a pastry bag with a nozzle in the form of stars. On the prepared baking squeezing mashed potatoes. Optionally, you can come up with any other figures: eight, flowers, sticks. The main thing that a small space is left between them, at least 3 – 4 centimeters.

Set the pan with potato curls on the middle rack in preheated oven. Bake 15 – 20 minutes or until golden brown around the edges “curls”.

Potato “curls” is served hot as a side dish to meat dishes to seafood or poultry.

The taste of potato curls is very interesting, top crisp, reminiscent of potato chips or french fries, and flavorful inside, soft cheese potato pulp. Unusual and delicious!

Bon Appetit!

potato with cheese


– In some countries, potato curls before baking grease with beaten egg chicken.

– Before baking curls can sprinkle sesame seeds or chopped walnuts.

– At the request of potato mixture, you can add all the spices and herbs, which are suitable for cooking vegetables.

– Instead of baking paper can be used oiled parchment paper or grease the pan with a thin layer of vegetable oil.

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