Meatless patties or Armenian bread with herbs

Meatless patties or Armenian bread with herbs2

Meatless patties or Armenian bread with herbs

Recipe of vegetable patties, which I want to offer unusual for our parts, and in principle it’s not really pies. We will talk about Armenian bread with herbs — jengyalov hats.

Jengyalov hats or the spring of the tortillas ( so they call them my friends ) nachinautsa a mixture of different herbs. Said composition may include up to 30 different herbs.

Made with lean dough is rolled out thin pancake ( tortilla), nachinaetsya a mixture of chopped greens and baked on a hot flat pan.


for the test

100 g of vegetable oil,
400 g of water,
2 tsp sugar,
pinch of salt,
1 kg 1 kg 100 g flour

Knead dough from these ingredients. Let it lie half an hour.


herbs cilantro — 3 bunches,
parsley — 3 bunches,
spinach — 2 bunches,
green onions — 3 bunches,
chervil — 5 beams ( has a sweet anise smell, which gives extraordinary flavor and taste )
sorrel — 200 g
dill — 2 beam
nettles — 1 bunch,
onions — 3 — 5.
vegetable oil, salt, pepper to taste.

In the stuffing can give beet tops, garlic, lettuce … recipe given composition, which was with me.


Pick over the greens, wash, dry, finely chop. Onion very thinly slice. Mix well. Salt, pepper and season with vegetable oil as a portion need, before you put the stuffing (I’ll put the rest of the filling by about 3 – 5 pieces “pies” into a separate bowl and fill ).

The dough is then cut into small pieces. Take a piece and roll out with a rolling pin into a very thin pancake. Put the filling, zaschipat edge, molded “cake”, make a fork punctures in dough to release the air and gently flatten bread with a rolling pin.

Fry on a dry pan, on medium heat for two minutes on each side. Remove from heat and immediately oiled. For those who do not post tastes better with butter

Bon appetit!

Meatless patties or Armenian bread with herbs1

Meatless patties or Armenian bread with herbs

P. S. given amount of flour and herbs I got 25 meatless patties jengyalov hats.

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