Meat hedgehogs with rice

Meat hedgehogs with rice

Meat hedgehogs with rice

Until now I have always used a recipe from hedgehogs stuffing. Stuffing can be different, the sauce in which stewed hedgehogs varied, but the process of cooking meat hedgehogs was one – into the prepared stuffing added a pre-soaked or lightly boiled rice, meatballs molded, in the sense of hedgehogs, and extinguished them in the sauce.

But the other day I saw on the internet pages of hedgehogs stuffing recipe, which I was impressed by her, so to speak, look … It was the most real meat with rice hedgehogs.

Today, I conducted an experiment – prepared two versions of hedgehogs. I post the results.


ground beef – 1 kg
onions – 2 medium heads
parsley and dill to taste,
Garlic – 2 cloves,
slice of bread,
egg 1 piece,
salt and pepper to taste,
Rice – 200 g,


Rice soak for a few hours in cold water. If time is short, you can pour boiling water and leave 15 minutes Drain and dry rice on a paper towel.

Grind meat, add onion, garlic, chopped herbs, soaked a piece of bread, eggs (I gave), salt, pepper. All knead well. Wet hands to form balls. Roll them in rice.

Meat hedgehogs with rice1

Ready-made meatballs put in the steamer (I cooked in a water bath, in the absence of a double boiler). Stack meatballs do not close, as when cooking rice swell and dissolve our hedgehogs have needles.

Prepare approximately 40 – 50 minutes.

Separately, you can make the sauce.

I cooked meat hedgehogs part of this embodiment, and the second part is prepared as usual. Rice added to stuffing, formed meatballs and stew in the sauce.

Tasty and those and others. Cooked in a double boiler and truly original look like hedgehogs. But in my opinion, for the richness they are inferior to the usual meat Hedgehog with rice.

Try! Bon Appetit!

Meat hedgehogs with rice

Meat hedgehogs with rice2

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