Magnificent delicious pancakes

Magnificent delicious pancakes

Magnificent delicious pancakes

● 250 ml. yogurt (yogurt can be taken)
● 1 egg
● 2 tbsp Sahara
● 2 tbsp melted butter
● 150g of flour
● 1 tsp vanilla sugar
● ¼ tsp salt
● ¼ tsp soda
● 1 tsp baking powder


1. In a bowl, whisk the egg mix with sugar and vanilla sugar.

2. Kefir yogurt or a little heat and pour in the egg mixture.
Add melted butter and mix.

3. Mix the flour with baking soda, baking powder and salt, and add it to sift to the liquid mass.
Rapid movement of the spoon to mix dry and liquid ingredients.

Most importantly do not knead the dough (in this and the whole point!), And only connect the ingredients. The dough will be lumpy, and you need not worry, baking lumps disperse. Leave the dough for 5-7 minutes.

The dough should be thick (like thick cream), from a spoon into the pan does not leak, and falls one lump.

4. Good heat the pan, add vegetable oil and make the most of a small fire on your plate. Put a tablespoon of dough into the pan, leaving the distance between the pancakes.

5. Carefully turn the pancakes and fry the other side. Fry it on a small fire!

6. Ready to shift the pancakes on a plate, let cool slightly and serve.

7. Pancakes served with honey, jam, berry sauce or sour cream. Delicious and they just, just do not fall, but on the second day are the same soft and lush.

Bon Appetit!

delicious pancakes Magnificent  pancakes


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