homemade chicken liver pate

chicken liver pate

homemade chicken liver pate


I cook kg of liver. It turns by volume of about 1 liter. If this is a lot reduce all products in proportion to you.

chicken liver – 1 kg

onions – 3 medium heads

semi-sweet white wine – 300 ml
butter – 300 g

Milk – 200 – 300 g,

salt, a mixture of peppers, thyme to taste.


Clear the chicken livers on the film, pour the milk so as to completely cover the liver and leave for 5 – 6 hours steeping.

Then, the liver is thrown back to the screen that all the liquid glass. Dry on paper towels.

Approximately 150g melt the butter in a frying pan, lay out pieces and cook in butter until tender liver, ≈ 5 – 7 minutes.

Onions finely chop. Separately, on another frying pan melt the still ≈ 50- 70 grams of butter, or if there is chicken fat and fry the chopped onion until transparent. Then pour the white wine and simmer until cooked onions.
Prepared liver and onions with wine, the remaining butter 80-100 g interrupting in a blender until smooth. Give spices to taste.

homemade chicken liver pate is ready. Spread on the jars. And put in the refrigerator to thickened.

Bon Appetit!

homemade chicken liver pate

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