Greek salad

Greek salad


Tomatoes – 3-4 pieces.
Cucumbers – 2 pcs.
Sweet red pepper – 1 pc.
Red onions – 1 pc.
Garlic – 1-2 cloves
Feta – 200 g
Olives or olives – 100 g
Olive oil – 2-3 tbsp. l.
Lemon juice – 1 tbsp. l.


1. All the vegetables are well washed, olives and cheese get rid of extra fluid. Cucumbers cut into large cubes. Sweet peppers washed, cleaned of seeds and cut into cubes. Diced tomatoes with a sharp knife.

2. Red Onion cleaned from the husk, cut into thin half-rings. Mix in a salad bowl all the vegetables, sprinkle with crumbled cheese and black olives.

For the filling mix the olive oil with the lemon juice and crushed garlic, season with salad.

3. Tip: Classic Greek salad is made with olives – dark olives. But manufacturers often stained green olives iron them to get the desired color.

If you do not want to take risks and get a loading dose of iron in a salad, it is better to cook it with green olives.

Bon Appetit!

Greek salad


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