French fries

French fries

Fries – tasty, natural and cheaper than McDonalds.
Ingredients for 4 servings crisp:

– 4 large potatoes;
– 3-4 pinch of salt;
– 150 g of flour;
– 200 ml of vegetable oil.


Peel the potatoes peeled and rinse them in water. Drain paper towel or cloth. Cut the potatoes into strips.

Put the sliced potatoes in a container with high sides, sprinkle in it salt and wheat flour. Mix everything so that each piece of straw potatoes was breaded in flour and salt.

In a deep skillet or frying pan glowing vegetable oil and place in a potato straws, trying to lower portions so that the entire portion of the potatoes were covered with boiling oil.

Do not immediately add to the skillet all potato mixture – straw just stick together and do not fry.

The heat treatment process you will see how the slices of French fries will acquire a golden color – at this stage, they need to stir spatula, taking care not to damage, and fry for about 1 minute.

Then, with a slotted spoon roasted potatoes necessary to remove from the container on a paper towel or napkin that he gave all the excess fat, and in the boiling oil add a second crop of potatoes.

Keep in mind that in one portion of the oil may be only 1-2 servings fry potatoes, breaded, since then it accumulate carcinogens that enter and potatoes. Do not skimp on your health!

Hot, but a little low-fat fries serve with any sauce – they perfectly complement and give its delicious taste!

Bon Appetit!

French fries

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