Eggplant in a spicy garlic sauce


Eggplant in a spicy garlic sauce

They are beautiful! They are divine in its simplicity and incomparable taste.

You will need:

3 medium-sized eggplant;

1 red hot pepper;

a couple of cloves of garlic;

1 tablespoon  of chopped ginger;

green onion pen 1-2;

1 tablespoon soy sauce;

1 tablespoon sugar;

1 tablespoon lemon juice;

Vegetable oil for frying

How to cook:

Eggplant mine, cut into strips.

Everything else is also preparing in advance, because everything is prepared very quickly. Very finely chopped hot peppers, garlic and onions, add to it ginger.

Ginger should ideally be fresh. He and sharper and juicier, but it is possible and dried.

eggplant fried in vegetable oil over high heat. All fry eggplant in several passes to roasted in a single layer, without disturbing each other. This happens quickly – 2-3 minutes and will ship the next portion.

When all eggplants recovered from a saucepan, to fall asleep pepper, garlic and onion. If necessary, add fuel, eggplant, usually actively pulling the oil.

Fry somewhere with a minute and add the eggplant. Everything is stirred well, dressed, soy sauce, sugar and lemon juice.

Even for a moment everything is mixed, remove from heat, and used burning and hot.

Bon Appetit!

Eggplant Eggplant in a spicy garlic sauce

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