Cutlets of chicken breast

Cutlets of chicken breast

Cutlets of chicken breast


chicken breast (large) – 3 pcs.
ear of fresh sweet corn – 2 pcs.
onion – 1 pc.
Eggs – 2 pcs.
Flour – 3 tbsp. spoons
salt and pepper to taste
vegetable oil for frying


Cooking pretty simple. Home darkness is cut the chicken breast into small cubes

Then finely chop the onion.

Carefully cut the grain of corn cob with a sharp knife. Just do not get too deep, so as not to cut into the hard part of the cob.

Now, mix the minced meat, corn, onion, one egg, one egg yolk, three spoons of flour, salt and pepper to taste.

Heat a frying pan with vegetable oil been for- patties and submit them to roast.

Honestly, I just finished lecturing minced spoon. Well, I do not like mold with wet hands, or arms, greased with sunflower oil. A roll in flour did not, burgers not to get too dry.

Fry should be on low heat 15-20 minutes under the lid to well-steamed corn.

By cutlets perfect simple sauce of sour cream, garlic and dill – beautiful, simple and delicious!

Bon Appetit!

Cutlets of chicken breast

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