Cupcakes with lemon Kurd

Cupcakes with lemon Kurd

Cupcakes with lemon Kurd



Butter – 100 g
Sugar – 140 g
Chicken Eggs – 3 pcs.
Flour – 200 g
Baking powder – 1 tsp
Lemon juice – 80 ml
Lemon peel – 1 tsp
Salt – a pinch

Lemon Kurd:

Lemon juice – 120 ml
Flour – 1 tbsp
Butter – 60 g
Sugar – 2 tbsp
Chicken Eggs – 2 pcs.


Protein – 2 pcs.
Powdered sugar – 125 g


1. For the dough whisk the softened butter with the sugar.

2. Add eggs. Mix.

3. Add the lemon juice and zest.

4. Pour the flour. Mix well to obtain a homogeneous dough.

5. The oven is heated to 180 ° C.

6. The form of grease, sprinkle with flour and fill the dough 2/3 volume.

7. The oven 20-25 minutes. Willingness to check the wooden skewer.

8. lemon Kurd lemon juice and sugar to heat. Mix.

9. Add eggs sequentially while continuing to stir.

10. Pour the flour. Thoroughly mix and actively.

11. Add the butter. Remove the lemon Kurd with fire.

12. Stir the cream and leave on demand.

13. For the meringue Beat whites in a clean, dry container in a lush lather.

14. Gradually add powdered sugar, bring to a state of strong protein peaks.

15. In the finished cupcakes cut out the middle.

16. Fill cupcakes Kurd cut and cover “caps”.

17. Garnish with meringue.

18. Ready-made and decorated cupcakes to put on a moment in the oven at 200 degrees to meringue blushed.

Bon Appetit!

Cupcakes with lemon Kurd

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