Creamy raspberry ice cream

Creamy raspberry ice cream

Creamy raspberry ice cream

Delicious homemade ice cream without eggs. Preparing is not difficult, but if it does not freeze, you get a great dessert air. Instead of raspberries, of course, you can use other fruits or berries.


  • Raspberry 300g
  • condensed milk 200ml
  • Cream 300ml 30-33%


1) Use the blender do the berry purée and rub it through a sieve to get rid of the seeds. Add the condensed milk and mix

2) Cover the mixture film and remove it in the freezer so that it has cooled to a partial hardening

3) The cooled cream whisk well until thick dense foam, add berry puree

4) Whisk together again cover with foil and store in the freezer

5) After about an hour the mixture was beat Frostbitten again to the ice cream in the finished no large ice crystal consistency and was smoother and air.

After the last whipping cream can be decomposed into individual cups and freeze continue

Bon Appetit!

Creamy ice cream ice cream raspberry ice cream

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