Crafts Easter chick

Crafts Easter chick

Crafts Easter chick

In order to make this cute chick, we need:
• Chicken pieces of cardboard templates
• felt bright yellow (trunk – 2 pieces, fenders – 2 pcs, foot – 4 pcs.)
• felt light green (feathers 3 + 3 + 3 pcs)
• red felt (beak)
• felt pale yellow (bangs, ponytails, 2 pieces)
• orange thread
• Orange ribbons (bows)
• glue “liquid nails” transparent
• ready-eyes
• filler (foam or any other)

First, prepare the template parts of the cardboard. It is easy to draw all the details yourself. A very simple – by using tracing paper to copy from the computer screen.

Now templates make harvesting of felt. Of course, you can use any other color. Small details that mimic feathers, glue to the base of the wings and the front of the torso.

Also attach the beak and eyes. If you have not finished the peephole, then cut out the eyes of white and black felt. In the lower part of the front half of the body sew up the two long legs of orange thread. The remaining ends of the thread retract into two parts glued legs.

Of pale – yellow felt cut out blank pieces of hair. Tails twist into a tube.

Now we have to collect the product. We sew parts symmetrically distributed wings, bangs and ponytails. Do not forget about the filler to add volume. The final touch – stick tiny bows for our tiptoes.

A boy can do for fun company – chicken.

This cute couple decorate bouquet, Easter basket or window

Easter chicken

Easter chick

Easter chick1

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