Courgettes in batter

Courgettes in batter

Courgettes in batter


1-2 eggs (the size of the zucchini);
100 ml yogurt (water, milk, yogurt, beer);
wheat flour;
the mixture of peppers,
sunflower oil for frying


Zucchini peel and cut into plates with a thickness less than one centimeter, is easier to bake well
Salt, rod, you can squeeze a couple of cloves of garlic and mix thoroughly

For the batter eggs rubbed with salt, add half Cup of curd. Fill up the flour to get the dough a little thicker pancake, but thinner than dough for pancakes, maybe the consistency of drinking yogurt, if with something to compare.

Plate zucchini roll first in flour, then dip in the batter and fry both sides in sunflower oil.
If the batter thickens, and it thickens as it gets regular flour, you can dilute it with the same yogurt.

And, you can dilute the juice, which secrete the marrow.

I also cooked sour cream sauce: finely chopped fresh herbs parsley, dill, a little Basil, squeeze through the press a couple of cloves of garlic; mix with salt.

Pour sour cream quick and tasty sauce is ready.

Bon appetit!

Courgettes in batter1

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