Cottage cheese casserole with fruit

Cottage cheese casserole with fruit1

Cottage cheese casserole with fruit


Cottage cheese – 500 g
actually I bought for casseroles cottage cheese is very good quality in long-familiar farm shop. That is, the curd immediately with sugar, and even pear slices. But if you are unsure of the quality of goods, it is best to take plain cottage cheese and add the 3 tablespoons of sugar.

Sour cream – 5 tbsp
Semolina – 2 tbsp
Eggs – 2 PCs.
Fruit for decoration
A bit of Apple juice
Gelatin – use on the recommendation on the pack
Butter for greasing bowl and salt as desired
Additionally I made the fill of gelatin and pear juice. And took one kiwi and a few tangerines.


1. Semolina mixed with three tablespoons of sour cream and left them for half an hour to swell.
2. Half an hour later with an immersion nozzle of the blender mixed the sour cream mixture, cheese, and eggs. May want to add a little salt and the sugar, if you have a regular cottage cheese, not curds, as I have.
3. Turned the slow cooker to 140 degrees for 55 minutes. Usually suggest cheese casserole bake at 180-200 degrees, but the new bowl is made of cast iron, and so it is enough 130-140 degrees, it will propecla cheese with eggs.
4. The bowl that I oiled and put in her cottage cheese mixture. On the surface of the mixture distributed the remaining two tablespoons of sour cream.
And turned on “Start”.
When the slow cooker has signaled the end of the program, the casserole was completely and perfectly cooked.
5. Now it’s time for decoration: I cut the fruits and put them in a casserole figuratively. And then poured a small (I didn’t want a thick layer of jelly) amount of pear juice with the dissolved gelatin (to prepare this syrup for a better future jelly according to the recipe with the package of gelatin).
6. And this Royal casserole goes in the night in the fridge.
7. In the morning take it out and eat with sour cream or condensed milk or with everything that your heart desires!

Bon appetit!

Cottage cheese casserole with fruit

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