Colorful salad

Colorful salad

Colorful salad

A lot of bright, juicy vegetables, plus the original dressing – that is necessary for a healthy and tasty meal.


4-5 lettuce Romano
2 small carrots
2 radishes
1 stalk celery
2 boiled eggs
30 g of cheese
Cherry tomatoes

For the filling:

4 tbsp olive oil
2 tsp white wine vinegar
a pinch of brown sugar
freshly ground black pepper
sea ​​salt


In a deep bowl, whisk to mix all the ingredients for the filling.

The eggs are peeled, cut each into 8 pieces. Tomatoes cut in half, cut into thin circles radishes, carrots grate.

Stalk celery peel, remove coarse fibers and cut diagonally into thin slices. Lettuce wash, dry. Cheese grate.

The two serving dishes to pick lettuce hands, put celery, radishes and mix with part filling.

On top of a hill to put the carrots, garnish with slices of eggs and tomatoes, pour the remaining sauce and sprinkle with cheese.

Serve immediately.

Bon Appetit!

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