Chicken with carrots and onions

Chicken with carrots and onions


chicken – 1kg,

carrots – 400 – 450 g,

bow – 2 medium heads

Green peas – 200 g (I have frozen)

celery (root average) – or 1 1/2 -2 stem

garlic – 1 large clove,

tomatoes in his own. juice – 0,5 kg,

semi-sweet white wine – 200ml.

Dried thyme – 1/4 tsp

Salt and black pepper to taste

Sunflower oil – 4-5st. spoons


I propose another recipe for a tasty and quick to cook chicken. This chicken with carrots and onions.

For cooking uses a lot of vegetables, so that you can easily do without a garnish.

Chicken fillet cut into pieces about the same. Then fry them in small quantities in oil and shift in a bowl with a thick bottom, suitable to extinguish.

recipes with chicken

One carrots, whole onions, garlic clove, finely cut celery and fry for 5 minutes in the remaining butter in a frying pan.

Then, add the sauteed vegetables to wine and bring to a boil.

Now we connect with our roast chicken, tomatoes, salt to taste and simmer primerno15 minutes. By the way, the tomatoes in their own juice perfectly possible to replace homemade tomato juice.

Recipe Chicken

The remaining carrots cut into long strips of beautiful, add 15 minutes to stew and simmer until tender.

recipe for chicken with carrots

Five minutes until cooked meals add peas and remaining spices.

Green peas in the winter is not a problem in the first place, you can prepare in the summer, and secondly, it is in supermarkets frozen. Sometimes I use canned peas, adding it to a dish to give a boil and immediately turn it off, because it does not require cooking.

It turned out not only delicious and quick, but also beautiful!

Bon Appetit!

Chicken with carrots and onions

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