Cheesecakes with carrots and spicy citrus sauce

Cheesecakes with carrots and spicy citrus sauce

Cheesecakes with carrots and spicy citrus sauce with oranges and kumquats

Offer to cook these wonderful cheese cakes with carrots and spicy citrus sauce with oranges and kumquats. The sauce perfectly complements the gentle flavor of carrot cake, so for Breakfast weekend advise not to be lazy and still cook the sauce.


For cheesecakes:

curd (thick, not watery) – 300 g
carrots – 300 g
sugar – 1 tbsp
salt – a pinch
semolina (semolina from durum wheat) – 1 tbsp
butter room temperature – 1 tbsp
wholegrain rice flour – 2-3 tbsp + for breading
refined coconut oil for frying – 2 tbsp (you can substitute regular vegetable)

For citrus sauce:

large orange – 1 PC.
the kumquats – 10 PCs.
sugar – 150 g
water – 150 g
ground cinnamon – a pinch
carnation buds in – 1 PC.
star anise – 1 asterisk


Carrots pre-boil. Offer and highly suggest that you cook in a double boiler – so all the vitamins, and the taste of carrots, cooked for a couple, much brighter and tastier. My 2 large peeled carrots cook in a steamer for 40 minutes. Carrots to cool.

Put the carrots in the bowl of a blender, and turn it into puree using immersion blender. In the same capacity with mashed potatoes, add 150 g of cottage cheese, butter, egg, sugar, Sol and semolina. Beat again with a blender – you will get a very gentle creamy dough incredible orange color.

In a bowl put the dough and add the remaining cheese and flour – stir with a fork. Recall that for a perfect cake batter should not be liquid, but cool and not to do – cheesecakes then don’t get soft and lush.

Form the cakes, coat in flour and fry on medium heat in a pan until brown crust on both sides. Put the finished cakes on paper towel to soak up the excess fat.

Simultaneously with hot cheese sauce cook.

In a saucepan put sugar and pour water. Put on high heat, as it comes to a boil – transfer to medium. Orange peel, divided into slices, each slice is cleaned of film and cut into 3-4 pieces. Cut the kumquats into rings. In the boiling syrup add our citrus, spices and cook for about 15-20 minutes until it thickens.

Cheesecakes pour sauce over and enjoy a delicious and healthy Breakfast.

Bon Appetit!

*In this recipe the rice flour can be replaced with regular wheat, and coconut oil – refined vegetable.

Cheesecakes with carrots and spicy citrus sauce1

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