Caviar from roasted vegetables

Caviar from roasted vegetables


zucchini 2 pcs.
eggplant 1 piece.
red bell pepper 1 pc.
onion 1 piece.
carrot 1 piece.
Tomatoes 2 pc.
garlic cloves 2 pieces.
chili 1/16 pcs.
olive oil 2 tbsp. l.
salt, pepper 2 pinches


In General, for that caviar you can take any vegetables in any combination. Seasonings, to taste. Prepare sleeve (or packet) for baking in the oven.

Vegetables wash, cut arbitrarily

Add the oil, salt, spices and stir.

The oven heated to 200 degrees. Fold the vegetables into the sleeve for baking, tightly fix the ends.

Place sleeve with vegetables on a baking tray, place in oven. During baking, the sleeve should be inflated, and vegetables cooked in their own juice. We prepare about 1.5 hours.

We take out the package, give a little cool, and disclose (careful not to burn hot steam).

Prepare the blender. Best stationary. But it is possible and submersible. Unfold the vegetables in a colander – in the process of putting out a large amount of juice – we don’t need.

Transfer the vegetables to a blender and grind to a smooth puree. If caviar gets too thick – add a little juice.

Put the caviar in a jar and store in the fridge.

Tasty and healthy!

Bon Appetit!

Caviar from roasted vegetables

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