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Smoothies from persimmon

Smoothies from persimmon

Pumpkin Smoothies

Pumpkin Smoothies Ingredients: 420 grams of pumpkin puree 3 cups milk Yogurt 1/2 cup cinnamon to taste cookies for decoration Preparation:

Drink sea buckthorn with ginger

Drink sea buckthorn with ginger It’s time to warm up! We have to do a great way 🙂 Ingredients for 2 portions (750 ml): 50 g of sea buckthorn 4 tsp sugar (or more to taste) a small piece of ginger (1 tablespoon in the form of cut pieces) 4 things. cardamom 1 cinnamon stick […]


MULLED WINE Now is the time to drink spicy, wonderful warming mulled wine! You’ve done this season? What is your favorite recipe? Ingredients: 750 ml dry red wine 1 whole cinnamon stick 10-12 stuff whole cloves 2-3 Stars anise 10 cardamom pods 1 tsp no slides whole coriander seeds 2 tsp whole allspice a small […]