Cakes “Bounty”

Cakes Bounty

Cakes “Bounty”

Do not cake – a fairy tale! Fresh and original!


biscuit dough
4 eggs
80 g flour
20g cocoa powder
20 g of potato starch
Sugar 120 g
1/2 tsp baking powder

6-7 ct.l semolina
500ml milk
Sugar 200 g
200 g butter
pinch of vanillin
250 coconut

decoration for the cake:
150ml milk
bag “whipped cream”
sugar beads


Knead the dough on the cake:

Sift flour in a bowl, starch, cocoa, baking powder 1/2 tsp
Stir thoroughly.

Proteins whip until stiff peaks and add two tablespoons spoons of sugar.
Beat well until even density and gloss.

Beat yolks with three tablespoons of sugar in a lush light weight. Add to proteins.

Mix gently.

Pour the flour mixture through a sieve.

Gently stir until smooth, hooking a spoon from the bottom up.

Tins plentifully grease with vegetable oil and put them on 1.5 tbsp dough, leveling the top.

Bake until cooked

Stuffing I made before, so to build cakes she had a good stand in the refrigerator.

To do this, boil the milk and cook him semolina, adding vanilla.

Remove from heat and whisk to avoid lumps.

Beat the softened butter with the sugar until white and put in slightly chilled porridge.

Beat with a mixer and add the coconut, whisking all the time. Put in the fridge.

Sponge cakes cool. Take for ~ 2 tbsp of filling (I took his hands and rolled them into a ball, then made cake) and lozhila it on a biscuit. Then flatten on top of the second biscuit and gently wipe out the cream that came out.

To decorate, you can use what you like. I took advantage of packaged cream substitute, and prepare them as indicated on the packaging: 150 ml of cold milk add the contents of the package, and beat with a mixer until thick.

Smeared with cream and sprinkled with cocoa and top decorate with beads.

Bon Appetit!

Cakes Bounty

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