Bruschetta with celery omelette

bruschetta with celery

Bruschetta with celery omelette


Eggs – 5 pcs.
Celery stalk – 200 g
Bread – 500g ciabatta
Butter – 70 g
Anchovies – 20 g several pieces
Chili – optionally dried or fresh


Let’s prepare a stunningly delicious snack in the Italian style famous by Jamie Oliver’s recipe, I love his simple, but always with a twist recipes. And in this case, just a sandwich turns into a gourmet snack for a buffet breakfast or an unusual weekend.

If you use the whole anchovies, remove them from the oil and finely chop. It is necessary to mix the chopped anchovies with fifty grams of butter, softened to room temperature, and crushed red hot pepper.

Dried chili always goes well with fish and seafood, but if you do not like spicy or impossible for reasons of health, there is no place, it is not critical. If anchovies buy did not work, it does not matter, you can just add salt and pepper oil.

Our pasta to sandwiches ready, now prepare an omelet with celery. In a frying pan warm up twenty grams of butter and finely chopped celery stew a few minutes.

Chicken eggs in a bowl and pour chatter whisk

Pour the egg mass into the pan to the celery and fry over medium heat until thickened.

While fried omelette, bruschetta can cut slices and dry them, or in a toaster or in the oven under the grill until golden brown.

Now quickly, quickly collect our sandwiches. Spread bread anchovy butter, spread on top of the omelet with celery slices, sprinkle with flakes of dried chili pepper (optional), leaves from the core of celery and quickly eat 🙂

Bon Appetit!

bruschetta with celery

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