Baked apples with cottage cheese

Baked apples with cottage cheese

Baked apples with cottage cheese

Baked apples with cheese — is so basic a dish, what to cook them can even be a child or very far from cooking. This is a useful and low-calorie dessert that is suitable for baby food after one year and diet of the table.


Apples — 6 PCs.
Cottage cheese — 150 g
Yolk of egg — 1 PC.
Powdered sugar or honey — 2 tbsp
Vanilla sugar — 1 tsp.
Starch — 1 tsp


Apples better to take one size, but not necessarily. Color and variety is also irrelevant — what matters is that the apples were too soft and not collapsed. Wash the fruit, cut off the “caps”. Teaspoon gently remove the core with seeds to avoid cutting the apples through and leaving thick walls.

Put in a blender the cottage cheese, sugar powder, starch, vanilla sugar or extract and egg yolk. Blend it into a homogeneous mass. If desired, you can add a small washed and dried raisins.

Apples put into a suitable baking dish greased with butter. Fill the apples with the cheese filling.

Bake the fruit in a preheated 190°C oven for about 30 minutes, the readiness check with a knife — wall Apple should easily protectice. Serve warm, sprinkled with powdered sugar. This cold dessert is also very good.

Bon appetit!

Baked apples with cottage cheese

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