Acute beef stew

Acute beef stew

Acute beef stew

Ingredients for 6-8 servings:

800 g beef
1 large onion
1 clove of garlic
500ml chicken or beef broth (if absolutely no options – the water)
400 g tomatoes in their own juice
100g canned jalapeno chili peppers (you can take a couple of small pods of fresh hot peppers)
1 tablespoon flour
salt to taste


The meat cut into small pieces.

Onions and garlic finely chop.

Just finely chop peppers.

In a saucepan warm up 2 tbsp vegetable oil. Meat fry until golden brown on all sides, about 5 minutes on each side
We shift the meat in a fireproof dish.

Put in a saucepan the onions and garlic and fry, stirring, for 3-4 minutes. Add the flour and fry, stirring, for 1 minute. Pour the broth and stir all lumps are formed during the cooking of meat.

Transfused contents of a saucepan the meat, add the mashed tomatoes with juice, put the chopped peppers. Season with salt to taste.

Cover the pot with foil and then the lid and put in a preheated 180 degrees. We reserve stew for 1.5-2 hours.

Then try the meat on the softness and either take out of the oven or simmer before the finish.

Ready stew give to stand at room temperature, covered for half an hour, then serve.

Bon Appetit!

Acute beef stew

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