Salad “Sunflower”

Salad “Sunflower”

sunflower salad recipe



Perhaps, many have heard of this salad, but not everyone had to cook it personally. Therefore we offer now to cook a delicious and beautiful salad “Sunflower”.


300 grams of chicken;
6 eggs;
Sunflower oil;
150 grams of cheese;
250 grams of fresh mushrooms;


Step one. Cook until cooked chicken in a pot with water. Finely chop it.

Step Two. Now boil hard boiled eggs, peel them and rub on a small grater separate the yolks from the protein.

Step Three. Clean the onion, chop it finely with mushrooms, fried in sunflower oil in a frying pan.

Step Four. Then crushed walnuts, cheese rub on a small grater. After that, lay out in a bowl layers prepared ingredients.

Step Five. First, put chicken, mayonnaise, fried mushrooms and onion, then put walnuts + mayonnaise, egg whites + mayonnaise, grated cheese + mayonnaise and egg yolk.

Step Six. After all this, we decorate the salad on top halves of olives, herbs and laterally spread chips.

Bon Appetit!

sunflower salad recipe

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