Сrispy baguette with cheese and garlic

crispy baguette with cheese and garlic

Simple appetizer – crispy baguette with cheese and garlic.


●Yesterday’s loaf (the original recipe suggested to take a French baguette, but any loaf, even fresh)
●100 g of cheese “Parmesan” (or any other hard cheese)
●100 g soft butter
●3 cloves of garlic

My supplements: products listed in the recipe, I had only half of the loaf, so that a baton you need to take twice or more to taste


To grate cheese on a fine grater, to squeeze out (or RUB) garlic, finely chop the parsley.

Mix well and combine with soft butter.

Still mix well. The filling is ready.

Now take the baton and cut it diagonally, not cutting through.

And fill the cuts with the filling (very generous!).

Now the resulting beauty wrap in foil and 20 minutes in the oven (200 C).

Then the foil to open and another 5 minutes in the oven, what would become brown (I put under the grill).

Bon appetit!

crispy baguette with cheese and garlic

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